The Glass Valley is a region of desert located to the east of the city of Thu'un. It is considered one of the most dangerous places for travellers, but is unavoidable for those seeking to reach the western shore and thus the Lamba Sea. It is inhabited by all manner of deadly creatures, though its beautiful, deadly landscape is just as much a threat as its denizens. The valley gets its name from its vast, sparkling features which have been melted into a smooth, shining glass material by an unknown force.

Prominent FeaturesEdit

The Glass Valley is named for the smooth, glass-like surface that many mistake for ice on first glance, though the blazing heat of the place would quickly dismiss such imaginations. During the day, the sunlight glaring off of the polished surface is enough to cause temporary, and even permanent, blindness should one spend too long in it without proper eye protection. Heat, too, is reflected by the mirror-like glass, and is known to cause heat exhaustion and even burns in those exposed. Travelers are urged to avoid the area entirely when possible, but to wear adequate eye protection and bring along some way of resisting the blazing heat if they must traverse the lethal valley floor.